During the years of Wolfthrone Studios's existence we have evolved to a point where we have expanded our services.
From 1.1.2017 we are officially offering the service of live sound, you can now hire our team to bring our equipment
to take care of the live sound and stage lightning you need for your show.

Our team have years of experience when it comes to what a great sound live is, we also have years of experience when
it comes to mixing live bands and rigging many different sized stages.
We have high quality equipment that delivers a great quality in sound and have a lot of experience when it comes to
different styles in music.
We are mostly experienced in rock & metal music, but we know what the key elements are in a lot of various genres,
which is also very important to us as we want to give the bands and the audience the best experience possible.

We are currently running 2 different sound systems.
 - One for smaller events. This system can easily deliver the sound needed to satisfy a crowd of 400-500 people.
 - One bigger and more powerful system to run much larger events, such as small festivals or a bigger stage in general.

When it comes to the price of hiring this service, it depends on how much equipment your event needs.
But to give you an example of how much it would cost, if you need the smaller system for a typical night where a band/bands
are going to play with a full lineup ( drums, bass, guitars, keyboard & vocalists).

What you will basically get is:
 - 2 powerful full-range speakers
 - 2 Sub-woofers
 - stage lightning
 - smoke machine
 - High quality microphones for every individual instrument
 - Our professional sound engineering team

You could expect this to cost between 400-500€, for an evening where we take care of the sound

lighting and anything else you might need.
The price also depends on the distance we have to drive to deliver our equipment to your event.

Another example, if you need a small but powerful system for speech or a troubadour performance you will get:
 - 2 powerful active speakers
 - 2 small stage monitors
 - stage lightning
You could expect this to cost is between 150-200€.


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