In case you want to work with Wolfthrone Studios or if you are planning to record, it could be a good idea to contact the studio

to discuss the recording before the recording phase itself. We could come up with solutions on  how to prepare the recording phase in order to get the best result.

You should also note that tracking does not necessarily have to take place in the studio.
We can work in a studio that you have arranged, such as your own rehearsal place.




In Wolfthrone Studios you are able to track instruments and use the studios equipment,
such as guitars, basses, drums, amplifiers and cabinets.





Wolfthrone Studios is always aiming to make a recording sound that is the absolute best.
Notice that we also work a lot with mixing material that has been recorded elsewhere.




The final stage of a recording before its release is the mastering, which means that before the release the song needs to be sonically balanced

to work in a wide range of different speaker systems.


Location Recording


Since 2015, Wolfthrone Studios offer the possibility to record at any location of your own choosing.


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