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130€ / day

Video Production and Editing

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Pricing for mixing services is determined on a customized basis tailored to each project’s unique requirements. Various factors contribute to pricing considerations, including the complexity of the mix job and any additional services requested, such as reamping or supplementary clean-up and editing.

For a personalized estimate, we encourage you to reach out to us directly. Providing details about your project will enable us to better understand your needs and deliver an accurate budget estimate. We are committed to maintaining transparency and ensuring that projects remain within the agreed-upon budget parameters.

To offer insight into typical pricing, most full-length album mixes we undertake typically range between 1500 and 3000 euros.

Furthermore, we recommend contacting us prior to commencing recording. This proactive approach allows us to provide guidance on optimizing recording practices to facilitate a smoother mixing process. Depending on your artistic direction, we can offer tailored advice to enhance the overall quality of the final product.


Our mastering rates are calculated per song. However, please be aware that longer tracks may incur additional charges.

  • 1 Track: 50€
  • 2 Tracks: 100€
  • 3 Tracks: 150€
  • 4 Tracks: 200€
  • 5 Tracks: 245€
  • 6 Tracks: 290€
  • 7 Tracks: 335€
  • 8 Tracks: 380€

or over 40 minutes total 400€

For an additional vinyl version – 10€/song. All prices include VAT.

Included in our pricing is one round of revisions. Any further revisions will be subject to additional charges.

Masters will be delivered as WAVE-files or DDP

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